The Massacre of 1857Edit


In the year of 1857 the Italian castle was under attack and the majority of the royal family were killed.

A soldier crept into the castle and for personal reasons targetted the crowned prince to avenge an acquaintance

who died in a war against Italy that he himself declared.

The assassinations were successful, not only was the crowned prince killed but all of his siblings and fiance aswell.

Characters that lost their lives due to the assassination:

  1. Faustino[1]
  2. Raneiro[2]
  3. Lalia[3]
  4. Dante[4]
  5. Vitalia

Characters that lost their lives in events related to the assassination:

  1. Etienné[5]
  2. Italian soldiers

Characters that lost their lives before this event:

  1. Évariste [6]
  2. Mirella
  3. Lucifer


When all the revived characters got sent into the future (See each character's article)

the timeline they left froze, cloning itself, creating a parallel universe doublicating everything and everyone.

In the frozen world, the same day would repeat over and over again,

while the new universe would contuine along the right timeline leaving the event of 1857 as a mystery.