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Greetings everyone.
Vocalouji Family By- Skelekrite

Infelice family drawn by Skelekrite

If you are here I could only hope that you already know what Vocalouji is all about. If not I will tell you. Vocalouji is a complicated, mind twisting online comic that has yet to be released. Created by me KaiSuki and with plenty of cameos from my dear friend Nihon-Deli whose characters have important roles to most of my own from this series.

The timelines and split universes are enough to make my own brain hurt so this is to help the rest of you understand what is really going on.

Just sit back and enjoy. Though this site is still under construction.


  • This site will contain spoilers.
  • The Vocalouji comic is bloody and has overall a depressing feel to it.
  • There will be semi sexual content appearing in the comic. Rated 15+
  • There will be homosexual content appearing in the comic aswell.
  • There will be content that could be seen as offensive to highly religious people.
  • It will hurt your brain if you think about it too much.
  • Prepare for gender-confusion.


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