How to Revive SomeoneEdit

To be able to revive a person you would need to be a black mage.
Magical ritual methods 2

Magical Ritual Methods by William G. Gray.

A white mage can heal the sick but will not go against the laws of nature.

For the ritual you need to draw up a specific image for said ritual that suits what you are trying to do the best.
350px-Portrait de Dante

Dante Alighieri

You would then have to read out the right amount of words using terzins.

A Terzin is a kind of poetry created by Dante Alighieri somewhere between the years 1265 - 1321.

To revive someone like this is not without Consequences.

Whoever tries to revive another, successful or not, would have to pay a high price.

A part of your body would be ripped away from you without mercy. However it would not damage you.

For example, if your heart were to be removed, you would still contuine to live.

If you lost your stomach you wouldn't be able to eat, though you wouldn't need to either.

It could be seen as a minor loss or even- in some cases- an advantage,

but if you consider living without a head or hands, you may start to wonder if you are willing to take the risk.

There isn't even a 100% guarantee that the person you try to call back from the dead will actually be revived.

It's not a question of skill but luck.

Even the most experienced black mage could lose his arm without gaining any reward.

The part of your body that gets taken away from you vary. The amount of said body part varies aswell.

If you are unlucky you could be left with only your head.

Characters that successfully went through with a revival.

  1. Raphael
  2. Faustino[1]
  3. Etienné[2]
  4. Vitalia

Characters that were unsuccessful.

  1. QiQiang
  2. Aaron

Characters who have been revived.

  1. Lucifer
  2. Dante[3]
  3. Faustino[4]
  4. Raneiro[5]
  5. Lalia[6]
  6. Etienné[7]
  7. Évariste [8]
  8. Vitalia