Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Liwei = "Profit & Greatness."

Xianliang = "Worthy brightness."

[Fourth to oldest Price of China]


Gender: Male

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Life span: 1656 - 1709

Died at the age of: 53

Death: Illness

Revived year: --

Nationality: Father & Mother = Chinese

Item: Umbrella


  1. Honghui (Father)
  2. Yanmei (Mother)
  3. Biyu (Wife)
  4. QiQiang[1] (Brother)
  5. Boqin[2] (Brother)
  6. Huan[3] (Brother)
  7. Delun[4] (Brother)
  8. Tengfeng (Brother)
  9. Shoushan (Brother)
  10. Huiliang (Brother)
  11. Mingyu (Brother)
  12. XaoDan (Brother)
  13. XaoJian (Brother)
  14. Tao (Brother)


  1. Dae-Hyun (Dislikes)
  2. Eun-Jung (Stalks)


Liwei was always the most androgynous of all the brothers, which says alot.

He always enjoyed chinese dresses and wanted to always look his best.

For him, gender shouldn't be in the clothes and said that everyone should have the chance to look pretty!

Almost never wearing male clothing, he was obviously taken for a girl all the time.

This didn't bother him however and he later decided to start sewing his own clothes.

Liwei quickly became a skilled tailor and soon he was the one designing aswell as sewing all the clothes for his brothers.

Older YearsEdit

Staying in the temple, Liwei opened a small store close by, selling his works everything from hats to dresses.

After earning enough money on his own, he later on moved out and dissapeared.


  • Class: Tailor
  • Class2: Hatter