Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Lalia = Short form of Italian Eulalie, meaning "well-spoken."

LaiHime drawn by KaiSuki

Imelda =Italian and Spanish form of Teutonic Erminhild, meaning "all warrior."

Infelice = Italian word for "Unfortunate"

[King Etienné & Queen Mirella's 4th Child]


Gender: Female

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Life span: 1837 - 1857

Died at the age of: 20

Death: Killed

Revived year: [/2008]

Nationality: Father = Italian & Mother = French

Item: Rosehip


  1. Etienné[1] (Father)
  2. Mirella[2] (Mother)
  3. Belial (Oldest Brother)
  4. Faustino[3] (Second to oldest Brother)
  5. Raneiro[4] (Twin Brother)
  6. Dante[5] (Youngest Brother)
  7. Évariste [6] (Uncle)
  8. Nevio (Grandfather)
  9. Aagave (Grandmother)
  10. Eliodoro (Great-Grandfather)
  11. Eulália (Great-Grandmother)

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