Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Huan = "Happiness"

Xianliang = "Worthy brightness."

[Second to oldest Price of China]


Gender: Male

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Life span: 1654 - 1737

Died at the age of: 83

Death: Natural death

Revived year: --

Nationality: Father & Mother = Chinese

Item: Medical appliances


  1. Honghui (Father)
  2. Yanmei (Mother)
  3. Boqin[1] (Twin Brother)
  4. QiQiang[2] (Brother)
  5. Delun[3] (Brother)
  6. Liwei[4] (Brother)
  7. Tengfeng (Brother)
  8. Shoushan (Brother)
  9. Huiliang (Brother)
  10. Mingyu (Brother)
  11. XaoDan (Brother)
  12. XaoJian (Brother)
  13. Tao (Brother)


  1. Dae-Hyun (Respects)
  2. Eun-Jung (Respects)


Huan lived together with his brothers in a temple and was always the one treating his brother's injuries.

He was very bright and read alot of books about the human body and taught himself in medicine.

Always wearing a smile, he loved to be helpful to others and also liked helping QiQiang out in the kitchen, though his cooking was always terrible.

He was open, kind and had alot of friends outside of the temple.

Though he always seemed to enjoy his twin brother Boqin's company the most.

Older YearsEdit

Once Boqin and Huan turned 19 they moved out of the temple together.

They kept traveling the country for many years and it was always just the two of them.

When they one day came across a group of bandits trying to rob them, Boqin not being too fond of talking, had the leader frustrated.

Oblivious to who they were, the bantits attacked them.

The two princes took them down without much trouble but Boqin was shot in the neck with an arrow when taking a hit for Huan.

This caused him to slowly bleed to death in his brother's arms.

Huan had a hard time moving on after Boqin's death.

Blaming himself for not being a skilled enough medic to save his brother, he opened a small clinic to help more people.

He named the clinic "Respect & Happines" obviously playing on their names.

  • Boqin = Win Respect
  • Huan = Happiness

Huan never married but had many admirerers all throughout the rest of his life.

Claiming that Boqin was the only one he would ever love with a laugh, it's hard to make out just what he means by it.

The relation between Boqin and Huan shows alot of hints towards an incestious romance but is never confirmed.


  • Class: Medic
  • Class2: Shaman

Self taught medic, always carrying around enough supplies for most common injuries.

Towards the end of his life he was well-known for his treatments and managed to cure all of his patients but one, that being Boqin.