Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Delun = "Virtuous order"

Xianliang = "Worthy brightness."

[Third to oldest Price of China]


Gender: Male

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Life span: 1655 - 1702

Died at the age of: 47

Death: Illness

Revived year: --

Nationality: Father & Mother = Chinese

Item: Painting brush


  1. Honghui (Father)
  2. Yanmei (Mother)
  3. Biyu[1] (Wife)
  4. QiQiang[2] (Brother)
  5. Boqin[3] (Brother)
  6. Huan[4] (Brother)
  7. Liwei[5] (Brother)
  8. Tengfeng (Brother)
  9. Shoushan (Brother)
  10. Huiliang (Brother)
  11. Mingyu (Brother)
  12. XaoDan (Brother)
  13. XaoJian (Brother)
  14. Tao (Brother)


  1. Dae-Hyun (Respects)
  2. Eun-Jung (Fears)


Delun was a quiet but sweet child who always brought his pens no matter where he went.

Staying far away from trouble, Delun always followed the rules and listened to what his brothers told him.

Older YearsEdit

Delun, unlike most of his brothers stayed at the temple until he turned 30.

His lazy nature made him more than willing to stay behind the safe walls of the temple.

Once he left his home, he set out to travel the country just like his older brothers.

His travels didn't last long though. He soon met his wife Biyu and they married shortly after moving in together.


  • Class: None