Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Booqin = "Win respect"

Booqin Drawn by KaiSuki

Xianliang = "Worthy brightness."

[Second to oldest Price of China]


Gender: Male

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 81 kg

Life span: 1654 - 1685

Died at the age of: 31

Death: Killed

Revived year: --

Nationality: Father & Mother = Chinese

Item: Broad Swords


  1. Honghui (Father)
  2. Yanmei (Mother)
  3. Huan[1] (Twin Brother)
  4. QiQiang[2] (Brother)
  5. Delun[3] (Brother)
  6. Liwei[4] (Brother)
  7. Tengfeng (Brother)
  8. Shoushan (Brother)
  9. Huiliang (Brother)
  10. Mingyu (Brother)
  11. XaoDan (Brother)
  12. XaoJian (Brother)
  13. Tao (Brother)


  1. Dae-Hyun (Dislikes)
  2. Eun-Jung (Respects)


Boqin lived together with his brothers in a temple.

He always disliked being second to oldest and wanted the throne for himself.

Being rather anti-social Boqin drew away from the rest of his family to train martial arts and also become very good with swords.

During his childhood, he rarely ever spoke and only stayed close to his twin brother Huan.

Older YearsEdit

As soon as Boqin turned 19, he left his home and moved far away from the others together with Huan.

They kept traveling the country for many years and it was always just the two of them.

When they one day came across a group of bandits trying to rob them, Boqin not being too fond of talking, had the leader frustrated.

Oblivious to who they were, the bantits attacked them.

The two princes took them down without much trouble but Boqin was shot in the neck with an arrow when taking a hit for Huan.

This caused him to slowly bleed to death in his brother's arms though claiming to be happy to have lived together with Huan for so long.

The relation between Boqin and Huan shows alot of hints towards an incestious romance but is never confirmed.


  • Class: Monk

Trained with martial arts and sword in hand,

Boqin is more than able to defend both himself and Huan from any possible dangers.