Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Raphael = meaning "God's healing" or "God the Healer"

Raphael is depicted leading Tobit, carrying a fish caught in the Tigris with his right hand,

and holding a physician's alabaster jar in his left hand.


Gender: Male

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 84 kg

Death: Sent to serve as a child to humans by God.

Name of reincarnation: Raneiro Infelice

Time of the year: Spring

Time of day: Dawn

Guardian of: Life

Element: Air

Weapon: Staff

Item: Sword


  1. God (Father)
  2. Lucifer[1] (Brother)
  3. Michael[2] (Brother)
  4. Gabriel[3] (Brother)
  5. Auriel (Brother)


  1. Phanuel (Acquaintance)
  2. Zarachie (Acquaintance)
  3. Saraqael (Acquaintance)
  4. Simiel (Acquaintance)
  5. Barachiel (Acquaintance)
  6. Sealtiel (Acquaintance)
  7. Jegudiel (Acquaintance)
  8. Jeremiel (Acquaintance)
  9. Munkar & Nakeer (Acquaintances)
  10. Rakeeb & Atheed, (Acquaintances)

In HeavenEdit

Raphael was sent by the Lord to heal a man called Tobit from his blindness.

He was also the one to deliver Sarah, Tobit's daughter-in-law,

from the a demon prince named Asmodeus that was the serial killer of her husbands.

Raphael is considered the patron saint of medical workers and matchmakers,

travellers and may be petitioned by them or those needing their services.

On EarthEdit

(See Raneiro's article [4])


  • Class: ArchAngel.

Being an ArchAngel they are blessed with 50 extra White magical points.

  • Magical points: 100
  • White Magical points: 50
  • Access to: 150