Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Michael = In the Hebrew language means "Who is like unto God?" or "Who is equal to God?"

[ArchAngel who defeated the Devil/Lucifer.]

St. Michael has been depicted from earliest Christian times as a commander,

who holds in his right hand a spear with which he attacks Lucifer/Satan, and in his left hand a green palm branch.

At the top of the spear there is a linen ribbon with a red cross.

The Archangel Michael is especially considered to be the Guardian of the Orthodox Faith and a fighter against heresies.


Gender: Male

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Death: Sent to serve as a child to humans by God.

Name of reincarnation: Dante Infelice

Time of the year: Summer

Time of day: Noon

Guardian of: Light

Element: Fire

Weapon: Spear & Sword

Item: Rod


  1. God (Father)
  2. Lucifer[1] (Brother)
  3. Raphael[2] (Brother)
  4. Gabriel[3] (Brother)
  5. Auriel (Brother)


  1. Phanuel (Acquaintance)
  2. Zarachie (Acquaintance)
  3. Saraqael (Acquaintance)
  4. Simiel (Acquaintance)
  5. Barachiel (Acquaintance)
  6. Sealtiel (Acquaintance)
  7. Jegudiel (Acquaintance)
  8. Jeremiel (Acquaintance)
  9. Munkar & Nakeer (Acquaintances)
  10. Rakeeb & Atheed, (Acquaintances)

In HeavenEdit

Michael was the first ArchAngel that God created and was considered the most powerful.

He lead the forces that fought against Lucifer's rebellion and was also the one to defeated Lucifer himself.

He was later sent to earth by God together with Gabriel, Raphael and Auriel

On EarthEdit

(See Dante's article [4])


  • Class: ArchAngel.

Being an ArchAngel they are blessed with 50 extra White magical points.

  • Magical points: 100
  • White Magical points: 50
  • Access to: 150