Full name and it's meanings:Edit

Lucifer = Lucem ferre. Meaning light bringer.

Lucifer Drawn by KaiSuki

[Fallen Angel.]

Lucifer, the fallen Seraph, who aspired to rise to Godhood. (Isaiah 14:14).

Lucifer was cast to earth by Michael. Lucifer is known as Satan, The Serpent, The Tempter and The Deceiver.

He was also a cherub (Ezekiel 28:14) and "the morning star" (Isaiah 14:12).

Ezekiel 28:17 implies that Satan was a particularly beautiful angel.


Gender: Male

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Death: Defeated and sent to the abyss by Michael.

Name of reincarnation: Belial Infelice

Time of the year: --

Time of day: --

Guardian of: Hate

Element: Darkness

Weapon: Axe

Item: Red Apple


  1. God (Father)
  2. Michael[1] (Brother)
  3. Raphael[2] (Brother)
  4. Gabriel[3] (Brother)
  5. Auriel (Brother)


  1. Phanuel (Acquaintance)
  2. Zarachie (Acquaintance)
  3. Saraqael (Acquaintance)
  4. Simiel (Acquaintance)
  5. Barachiel (Acquaintance)
  6. Sealtiel (Acquaintance)
  7. Jegudiel (Acquaintance)
  8. Jeremiel (Acquaintance)
  9. Munkar & Nakeer (Acquaintances)
  10. Rakeeb & Atheed, (Acquaintances)

In HeavenEdit

Lucifer was the angel that God trusted the most.

However once Lucifer was told that he was going to be given away to serve as a child to humans,

he snapped, saying he would only stand under God and never under something as lowly as a human.

Standing up to God, Lucifer and everyone that had joined thi instigator of rebellion was soon defeated by the other Archangels

and Lucifer himself were sent to the Abyss by his brother Michael.

In HellEdit

When the now fallen angel arrived in the abyss he was furious and started to plan his revenge the moment he had recovered.

Lucifer with his Final form facial tattoo. Drawn by KaiSuki

Burning with rage, he directed his vengeance towards Michael for defeating him.

Though being unable to reach his brother while he was still serving Go,

Lucifer had to wait and decided to build his home up making it stronger and heavily populated by people who just like him,

had been denied access to the heavenly gates.

His hatred towards Michael burns more violently than ever,

while still looking up to him respecting him aswell as loving him the most of his family.

This causes him to contantly obsess over Michael dreaming of killing him in the most nasty ways.


  • Class: ArchAngel.
  • Class2: The Devil.

Being both good and evil itself Lucifer is the most powerful ArchAngels.

  • Magical points: 100
  • White Magical points: 50
  • Dark Magical points: 500
  • Access to: 650